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Frequently Asked Investment Questions
Q. Hey Dino, I’ve never heard of Paone Advisors. Why wouldn’t I put my money with a larger company that I’ve heard of?

A. Our portfolio and risk managers are employees of Merrill Lynch. You get the products and the backing of Merrill Lynch combined with the personal and local care and knowledge of Paone Advisors – all at no extra cost to you.

Q. So then who is my investment advisor?

Think of it as having a team of advisors at your service. We all play nice together. Charlie is our main risk manager. He likes charts (and racing cars). John is a fundamental analyst. He likes to study the market from an airplane view.

Me? I like to think of myself as a conductor. I study my clients entire financial picture in order to make sure that each piece of advice given is in harmony with all of the other pieces.

Q. Since you guys manage a $600,000,000.00 portfolio and I only have $150,000 to invest, do you consider me to be “small potatoes”?

 There are no small potatoes. We built our portfolio from scratch, one investor at a time. We have clients with $100,000 invested and others with Millions. Some of the ones with Millions started out with $100,000. We are proud to have been a part of their growth. The beauty of our unique portfolio system is that the smaller investor gets all of the benefit of the larger investor. If we buy or sell 1% of a holding, that transaction happens for everyone in the portfolio. We can react to market changes instantaneously. We are honored to help you no matter the size of your investment.

Q. What you do sounds like just what I need and I’d love to hire you. How do I deal with the discomfort of breaking up with my current investment person?

This question is always interesting to me. I have great compassion for the person that you are leaving as we have all been on that side of the table before. No one likes to lose a client. That said, the reason that you invest your hard earned (or trust funded – good for you!) money is to make more money, right?

Well there is a reason that you are talking to me and there is a reason that what I’m saying makes sense to you. If that were not the case, you wouldn’t be breaking up with your current investment person, correct? So I’m sorry that this answer is going to sound similar to the one that your favorite media psychologist might give you, but here goes……..

You may not be able to do it without discomfort for you or the other person. You need to accept that as a possibility. Like most things in life, that discomfort is temporary.
Just remember the reason that you invest your money and focus on that. Who gives you the best chance at success? Who’s ideas ring most true for you. With whom do you feel the most synergistic? Most importantly, who do you most trust with your money? Invest with that person and have a beer with the other one.

Q. Describe your unique investment style

A. Downside Protected Growth. That is true whether you are in our most aggressive or our most conservative portfolio (or a mix of a few of them). We always want to achieve as much growth as possible while minimizing risk. Down market cycles are what kill long term gains. If you do well in down markets (we do), you’ll do well in the long term.

Q. What are your teams guiding principles?

A. Pay Attention. Be Polite. Work Hard. Be Available. Stay Patient.

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