Invest in the future

The best way to make money is to start by not losing the money you already have.

We create custom investment portfolios that are built around this concept. Down cycle money preservation is the catalyst for up-cycle gains.

Most advisors focus on trying to beat the market when it's up, only to get beat up when it invariably turns downward - a constant cycle of anxiety. We have a smarter approach.

The needs we cover for you

Investment Accounts

Investment Accounts

Customized Portfolios to meet your individual investment goals and timelines.

Retirement Accounts

Retirement Accounts

Rollover your 401K, IRA, Roth IRA or other retirement vehicles into one, cohesive and professionally structured account. We will manage the transfers and the strategies that best align with your retirement goals.

Financial Advice

Financial Advice

Call us to explore answers to your most important questions. If we don't have the necessary expertise for your needs, we will happily refer you to a professional that does.

I am an expert in many financial disciplines.

So many advisors outsource their investment decision making to one size fits all investment companies so that they have more time to find clients and sell products. That may work best for the advisor, but the clients best interests are left behind.
When you work with me, you get my time, my attention and my brain. My team and I do not outsource the things that you hired us to do. We take personal responsibility and we do it all for you, in house.

If you have a need in Home Financing, New Home Construction, Investing, Retirement Guidance, Negotiation or Business Advice, it's my brain that will get you where you need to be.

Get a Free Portfolio Review

A great place to start with us! We will perform a professional review of all of your current holdings and give your our expert opinion on what you have, what is great and what could be improved, and why. There is no charge for this service.

Your Questions Answered

How can I get started with Paone Advisors?

It's easy. Simply e mail or call us and we will set up a personal review of your needs and advise you from there. We can explain structure, costs, benefits and answer all of your questions in one call.

What is Dino's job?

Dino is the sales manager of the team. He analyzes client portfolios, identifies areas of risk and improvement and brings new clients into the practice.

Do you have any other collaborators?

We have 2 exceptional Portfolio Managers that manage our portfolios and execute all of our daily trades. Under their direction, we have 11 other analysts, researchers and customer support specialists.

How can I transfer my existing investments to you?

It's actually quite easy. You'll sign a form giving us permission to handle the transfer for you and we take care of the rest. Whether you have one account or are transferring multiple accounts, that one form is all we need.

Why is a Paone Advisors Portfolio better than a Market Index Fund, an Exchange Traded Fund or a Mutual Fund?

The above types of funds are all examples of "static" investing. Meaning, they are a grouping of stocks that represent a segment of the market. Our Portfolios are individually designed for your goals and your risk profile. While we may utilize some of the above type of investments as a piece of our overall investment strategies, our portfolios are "dynamic" - we buy, we sell, we hold on a daily basis. We do everything we can, every day, to save you money when the market looks ominous and to make you money when the market presents that opportunity. We don't pick stocks and just hope they go up.

Is there a minimum investment amount to work with Paone Advisors?

Our minimum account balance to start is $250,000. However, we do have the ability to combine household accounts to meet our minimum.

Why do you have a minimum investment requirement?

Because all of our investment portfolios are handcrafted and designed for each client, the time required to create, run and and maintain them requires a minimum portfolio size.