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I can help you make the most of your investments

The key to making a great investment is to select a great investment advisor. Opportunities are available everywhere. Knowing which one's to invest in, how much to invest and when to invest is how great advisors distinguish themselves from the others.

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Home Loans

I can help you with your home or construction loan

Lending guidelines are complex and ever changing. Multiple offers, quick closings and a lot of info needed quickly are a routine part of the home buying process. Your situation is unique.
I provide the experience and guidance that is needed to get you financed in a friendly, cost effective and timely manner. All delivered with the efficiency and professionalism that you deserve.

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This year marks Dino’s 26th year of service to his clients.

Dino began his career after graduating from the University of Arizona with a BS in Real Estate and Finance. He spent several years in the real estate and financial services industry before starting his own successful mortgage banking company, Paone Mortgage. Dino has held several designations, including: Licensed Mortgage Banker, Licensed Mortgage Broker, and Registered Investment Advisor.

When you work with Dino, you will experience a process that is easy and enjoyable. Dino gives all of his clients his full, undivided attention. He has spent three decades honing a reputation of honesty and integrity. Putting yourself in Dino’s hands is the smartest move you can make when making your most important financial decisions.

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