Two major keys to your financial success are tied to history and control.

Understanding both can lead you to where you want to be financially. The question is...will you study history (yours and the market’s) and will you give up control?

Typically, the most difficult people to convert to a new way of thinking are those that are most in need of a new way to think. Folks that do not save or invest their money wake up one day to find that for all of their hard work, they have nothing to show for it in the form of savings. You might think that would lead to an epiphany. “I need to start saving now. I need to start investing now.” Unfortunately, it usually doesn’t happen that way.

Too often, people become embarrassed about the position that they find themselves in. They may even become depressed. Embarrassment and depression usually lead to inaction or coverup or worse of all, justification. “I couldn’t save because (insert reason here).”

A few years pass and the cycle starts again. No different than how most people diet or exercise. Cure one and you cure them all.

Think about your habits. Commit to changing them. Live with the discomfort (it’s temporary – trust me, been there many times) and allow your nervous system to be reset. In the meantime, try to stop using a lack of knowledge as a roadblock for beginning the process.

Hire an investment advisor, a trainer and a nutritionist. Don’t over worry if they are the right one. Use your gut. You can always change advisors later if you don’t feel synergistic with them. Getting into the process is the most important part.

Start today and you’ll be one day closer to your goals. Don’t and you’ll be one day further away from your goals and your true self.